Medical consultation

Once you have selected one of our consulting services, we will provide you with a series of information in several steps. You can, of course, abort this process at any point. Until you register with MyEClinic, we will not collect any data from you that can be returned to you.

  1. Select.
    The selected service is displayed together with the medical fee. You can also delete your selection at this point.
  2. Expert qualifications.
    Here, you select the language in which you want to communicate with the expert.
  3. Questionnaire.
    To select a suitable expert, MyEClinic needs some basic information about your current medical history. Since you do not have to register with MyEClinic at this point in the process, you do not need to worry that the information you have requested can be associated with your people. In addition, there are also no detailed questions about your person or illness.
  4. Expert selection.
    The algorithm developed by MyEClinic is now trying to find the most suitable expert for you. Here, on the one hand, the information already provided by you and on the other hand the special qualifications of the physicians available. As a result, MyEClinic will present you the shortest runs of a maximum of three experts. From this list, you can select the expert who is most likely to solve your problem.
  5. Registration.
    From this point of the process it is necessary to ask detailed information about you and your medical history. For this, it is necessary that you set up a personal user account at MyEClinic. In addition to the information on your person, you will also store all the documents that are exchanged between you and the experts.
  6. Documents.
    In this process step you can transfer your own documents and images to MyEClinic. If you would like to transfer further documents to MyEClinic at a later date, you can also remove this from your personal customer area.
    In the case of many consulting services, we would ask you to describe the patient's history and wishes in the form of a questionnaire. In these cases, we will provide you with the relevant questionnaires as PDF-forms. These forms can be downloaded and completed electronically at home. Once you have entered all the information, you can send the forms, like all other documents, to MyEClinic from your personal customer area.
  7. Order Check.
    Please check here all information about your order. Please also confirm the general terms and conditions and the data protection.
    If you have a valid coupon code, you can enter it at the appropriate place in the form. The fees are then adjusted immediately.
    Finally, you can assign the contract to the expert.
  8. Payment.
    After the order has been assigned, you can select the desired payment method and then transfer the necessary data.
    If no fees are incurred for the order, this process step is not displayed.
MyEClinic will inform you by e-mail as soon as the expert has completed his expert opinion. You can then view and download this in the personal customer area at MyEClinic.
If you have agreed on a video or language conference, the expert will send you a few appointments by e-mail after evaluation of your documents, from which you can then select one according to your wishes.