About MyEClinic

MyEClinic sees itself as a diagnostic clinic. We take you and your complaints seriously, and are available around the clock at 356 days.

MyEClinic supports you in finding a doctor for your medical problem. We focus on the placement of doctors for a second opinion. For selected disease, where a personal contact between the doctor and patient is not strictly necessary, we provide doctors for an initial consultation as well.

Our service is not limited to Germany and Europe, but we offer our services worldwide.

Why should you use our services?

  • Our top priority is to provide good medicine.
  • Our experts take your complaints seriously.
  • Our experts take time for you.
  • MyEClinic attaches importance to the fact that doctors are separated from each other for diagnosis and therapy. Therefore, you can be sure to get independent advice that is not economically justified.
  • The company founder itself is a doctor with a scientific background.
  • Read our reviews!

Why should you trust us?

We believe that transparency is the essential factor for a trustworthy doctor-patient relationship. We try to make this transparency as far as possible at MyEClinic:

  • To be able to be placed by MyEClinic, doctors have to meet clear quality requirements
    • Training in highly qualified hospitals
    • Proof of specific qualifications for your questions
    • Long-term experience as a practitioner and not as a hospital manager
    • Doctors who are placed by us have to face continuous assessment by their patients. Only if these are positive doctors are still recommended by us.
  • MyEClinic first provides only a preselection of the experts available for your specific question. The selection is made according to predefined rules, based on a requirement profile that you specify. The final choice of the experts is then yours.
  • MyEClinic gives doctors clear guidelines, according to which the expert reports have to be written. This includes in particular the orientation to national and international guidelines.
  • For us, the protection of your personal data has top priority.