Due to the bombardments, large parts of Ukraine’s infrastructure have already been destroyed. This is not only causing the population to lose their housing and have limited access to essential goods, but is also causing medical care to collapse.

In order to support the health system on the ground, several European organisations have already put together teams of doctors who are providing voluntary assistance in Ukraine. In addition, the German government has promised to take in seriously ill patients in Germany without red tape and will send medicines to Ukraine.

However, one problem that has not yet been adequately solved is that the population in the cities and on their escape routes has hardly any access to doctors.

The aim of the “MyEClinic” project is therefore to offer these patients free telemedical help via their smartphone or computer.

We are not primarily thinking of caring for seriously ill patients, but rather of serving as a first point of contact for medical advice and discussing the further course of action with the patients. In many cases, it will be enough to reassure the severely traumatised patients and explain that they do not have a serious medical problem. This is certainly especially true for mothers who are worried about their children. Another important field of application could be the offer of talks by psychotherapists and psychologists for desperate people in war zones or also for refugees in host countries. One should not forget the support of the doctors who remain in Ukraine, who now have to work under significantly changed conditions: it can be assumed that many of these doctors are specialists for certain diseases, but they are hardly trained for the care of war injuries. Here, video support in the planning and execution of appropriate operations could possibly save lives.

What already exists?

IFTM GmbH’s portfolio already includes an online consultation room for doctors. This product is primarily aimed at doctors in private practice or hospital outpatient departments who want to extend their services to the Internet. Via the online consultation room, doctors can conduct text chats, telephone and video conferences or e-mail consultations with patients according to their wishes. We have already supplemented the programme to such an extent that it can be used for the care of Ukrainian patients.

To give you an impression of the software, we have set up a demo server with fictitious doctors:

Patients would reach the doctors via the following link: https://eutelmed-dev.de/ua-help

The online consulting room of the fictitious doctor Dr. House can be found here: https://sprechzimmer.eutelmed-dev.de
Username: ghousePassword:

What is planned?

In order to move the project forward within the next few days or at least weeks, activities are necessary in various areas, which must be worked on in parallel if possible:

  1. Adaptation of the technical platform to the changed target direction and the requirements of a high user load.
  2. Europe-wide search for physicians who would hold pro-bono consultations.
  3. Establishment of a call centre to deal with technical problems.
  4. Dissemination of the project among the Ukrainian population.

As there are no financial means available for the project so far, we are dependent on voluntary help. Here we can certainly also count on Ukrainian refugees who want to help their compatriots with their expertise.

How can you help?

You can participate in this project without any problems. The only thing you need is a computer and some time. You are under no obligation to the project and can determine your own time quota at any time. IFTM GmbH provides you with an online consulting room free of charge for your consulting activities.

Has the project aroused your interest?

If you are interested in working with us, please complete the short questionnaire. We will check your details shortly and then get in touch with you by e-mail